Tea, toast and tablets

It’s been a while since I posted here, despite there being lots of great things going on that could be shared and celebrated. I’ve been inspired to get back to this by a heartwarming blog post I read recently by David Wilcox.


A cup of tea. Credit: Miya – Wikimedia Commons.

In ‘A tasty intro to digital – Tea, Toast and T’Internet‘ David shares a story which demonstrates how wonderfully a few thoughtful people, an eye catching poster, some customised Samsung tablets and plenty of cups of tea can begin the process of involving older people in the online world.

I encourage you to read David’s post, and wonder if any of you involve in housing schemes for older people, befriending schemes, or charities like AgeUK might be likely to try something like this in Dudley borough? There are lots of people around who I bet would be happy to help, not least our local social media surgeons and growing number of officers and volunteers in all sorts of local organisations who are learning about and effectively using social media for all sorts of great work.



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  1. Nick Booth (@podnosh) · May 27, 2014


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