Taking and sharing photos from your smartphone

Instagram logoAs more and more of our local organisations, businesses, groups and active citizens use social media to share what they are getting up to we are seeing more and more photos being shared online.

Dudley Police (@DudleyPolice on twitter, Dudley Police on Facebook) are a shining example – they regularly post photos to their social media accounts, giving a real sense of what is going on. They also retweet photos shared from other West Midland Police officer and team accounts, creating a vibrant timeline.

I’m coming across more people in Dudley who are showing interest in Instagram, a photo and video sharing app which has fun filters and tools to add different effects to your photos. I dip in and out of Instagram, but I found this post by Dave Musson on the Comms2Point0 blog really useful: instatips: 10 tips to make you better at Instagram – part 1 He includes some basics around getting a good photo, and some great ideas on the social side of Instagram.

And for anyone who hasn’t explored phone photography much, you might be as surprised as I was to discover (during a photo workshop with the astoundingly talented Verity Milligan) that there are all sorts of apps you can get which turn your seemingly basic phone camera in to something as complicated and confusing as a big fancy digital camera with a gizzilion settings for shutter speed, aperture and other such things. I’ve been trying to understand 654 Pro (screen shot below) and have also downloaded VSCO Cam  – which is available for Android as well as iPhone.

Do share your top tips for taking and sharing photos…

  • What photo apps do you use?
  • Where do your share your photos?
  • What great photos have you seen shared by people in and around Dudley borough?


Screen shot of 645 Pro app

screen shot of 645 Pro app


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