What’s your digital tribe?

Screen grab from RSA quiz ‘what’s your digital tribe’ with photo of boys in superhero costumesIn a recent report  A new digital learning age from the RSA and Google available here, five tribes in the digital world are described. In a summary of ideas and findings from the report, Anthony Painter shares concerns from the report about the uneven spread of the benefits of new technology.

You can take a fun quiz to find out which digital tribe you belong to. Here is a little about some differences between the ways people are engaging with technology, from Anthony’s blog post.

  • Confident creators are adept at using new technology to develop their knowledge, creativity and social capital. They are confident in a rapidly changing technology environment. 
  • The ‘held back’ not only see the benefits of new technology but they are using it to learn. They are ambitious and seek the chance to turn their ideas and hopes into reality and they are trying to work out how. However, they feel that they need more support, a greater level of learning and more confidence to make their hopes a reality. With some support they might just get there but as it stands they feel a sense of frustrated ambition. 
  • ‘Safety firsters’ are least engaged with new technology and the internet. It’s not that they aren’t connected; it’s just that they see it less a part of their lives than the other two groups. They are not particularly satisfied with things but they do not see the world as particularly stacked against them in the way the ‘held back’ do. 

So, what’s your tribe? Are you among the

  • Cautious Strivers,
  • Aspirationals,
  • Confident Warriors,
  • Grounded Traditionalists or
  • Wise Enablers?

Can you guess what my tribe is?
How might you use findings from the report in your work or volunteering contexts?

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  1. annagillespie11 · August 6, 2015

    I came out as confident warrior which made me chuckle. More like occasionally confident, copies lots from others and more often a bedraggled tryer – ha!

    Interesting and provoking ideas though and makes me wonder how quickly these tribes will change with emerging technologies and whether people from some work sectors feature more in some tribes than others, same question for communities too.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it, always love a quiz and it was much better than the ‘find your pagan name’ currently doing the rounds on Facebook!

  2. Good Practice Exchange · August 14, 2015

    I’m a ‘Confident Warrior’ apparently. I’ll pass that on to my boss for my next appraisal! Cheers, Dyfrig

  3. Lorna Prescott · August 16, 2015

    Thank you fellow warriors for visiting this post, taking the quiz and leaving a response 🙂
    Interesting question about work sectors and communities Anna, it feels as though it would have some influence.

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