Struggling to find time to share on social media?

If you’re anything like me it can feel challenging to make the time to sit down and do something like writing a blog post, scheduling some tweets or Facebook posts, or jotting down ideas for making a simple video. Perhaps even more so when you’re doing it as a volunteer and there are so many other things to do in your voluntary role.

It feels like a good idea to help people from Dudley’s local groups, clubs and voluntary organisations who struggle to find time to get stories about the great work they are doing out there through social media. Starting this month, our regular social media surgeries are being expanded to include support for people who would like to use the time for writing or other forms of story telling.

There’ll be a team of us on hand to give tips around simple ways to share your great news, activities and ideas. You can increase engagement with your stories effectively by sharing them multiple times in simple, clever ways. We can help you think through this and introduce you to free online tools which can help you.

Our next surgeries are at Cafe Grande in Dudley at 6pm on Thursday 11 February and at Coffee Cups near Halesowen at 9.30am on Thursday 10 March. They are free to attend, we just ask that you register in advance (click on the links) and buy a lovely drink from the cafes who host us for free.

What would you write about or create if you had 90 minutes to spend on it this week?


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