Having a go with Snapchat: Learning from a comms officer at Bradford Council

Albert Freeman is a totally lovely guy who always seems happy, plays in a band, and works in communications for Bradford Council. If you go along to an unconference such as CommsCamp or LocalGovCamp you’ll probably bump into Albert, as he is totally up for sharing ideas, learning with others, and chatting over a pint afterwards.

He recently shared a really useful account of his experiment with Snapchat and Instagram Stories for Bradford Council. It’s so helpful when people pull together what they did, what they learned and loads of handy links. I’d never heard of Instagram’s Stories feature, so found that really useful to learn about. Check out Albert’s post on Telling stories with Snapchat and Instagram, and say hi to him on Twitter @AlbFreeman.

I’d love to share links about people using Snapchat and Instagram Stories (or anything digital really) in Dudley borough, to build relationships and do good stuff. Let me know if you’ve done or seen something great lately. (I’m @dosticen on Twitter.)


Snapchat – worth a play with?

snapchat iconDo you Snapchat all day long? Or find Snapchat completely confusing? I’m in the latter camp. Despite my teenage niece’s best efforts I just couldn’t get my head around Snapchat. However that might change now.

Apparently Snapchat have just rebuilt the messaging part of their app, so it is more like Messenger and WhatsApp. Find out more in this handy article: Snapchat just made a huge change to become your go-to messaging app which caught my eye in today’s lovely email update from Comms2Point0.

If you’re wondering what on earth Snapchat is, how it works, or how you might use it, why not come along to our Digital Playtime session on Thursday 14 April – drop in anytime between 12.30 and 2.30pm and we can figure it out together.