civic tech

Civic tech, or civic technology, is “technology (mainly information technology) that enables engagement or participation of the public for good development, enhancing citizen communications, improving government infrastructure, or generally making national and local governments more effective. It encompasses civic applications, platforms supporting government bodies and institutions and other software enabling those goals.” (source: wikipedia)

Interest in civic tech is developing in Dudley, so this page has been created to draw together useful resources and examples which we might want to learn from. Also check out blog posts on this site which will be added to the civic tech category. Please get in touch or leave a reply at the end of this page if you have links to add (contact or @dosticen on twitter).

Civic tech examples and resources

Dublin City Beta – a great initiative from Dublin City Council which encourage sharing of ideas by citizens and real world experimentation and testing.

Made Open Monmouthshire – an example of the Made Open company’s platform being implemented by a local council.

Town Digital Hub – a digital solution which encouraged better public services by supporting collaboration with community organisations.

The Knight Foundation have published some research on the civic tech landscape, their slide below provides a map of various spaces being occupied by civic tech.

civic tech

From the Knight Foundation Civic Tech slide deck