local blogs

The idea of this page is to provide links to local blogs in Dudley. I’ll probably stick to neighgbourhood blogs run by local people on this page – there will be other places to provide links to blogs which have been developed by forward minded folk in all sorts of organisations in Dudley.

So to get this going, here are some local blogs which I follow:

Brierley Hill Blog: a noticeboard for Brierley Hill, which includes information on Brierley Hill Community First

Sedgley Scene: includes bostin Sedgley scenery, local music and events, and Sedgley sports

Hawbush TRA:  the Tenants & Residents Association for the Hawbush area of Brierley Hill, blog managed by Peter Plant, also on twitter: @hawbushtra

St Paul’s Community & Learning Centre: blog for a volunteer run venue in Hawbush, Brierley Hill, blog managed by Peter Plant


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