How to make curry with social media

A recipe for Social Care Curry Club


Over 150 people in 4 countries (quantities can be increased)

Suitable for

Vegetarians, not-vegetarians, people working in social care, people not working in social care with an interest in social care.


  • A splash of an Assistant Director from Dudley Council with a good ideaPhoto of Matt Bowsher in indian restaurant tweeting on his phone
  • A healthy dollop of a social media savvy, unstoppable woman
  • A large glob of online connections with an interest in social care, and curry
  • Boundaryless opportunities to co-create
  • A handful good indian restaurants
  • A pinch of a Minister of State (optional)

You will also need the following free stuff

  • 1 blog site
  • 1 twitter account
  • 1 Eventbrite site


This began as a recipe for a handful of outings of people interested in social care, and curry. It turned in to a recipe for connecting over 150 people across 4 countries (including Canada). You can turn any recipe for something small and simple in to something much bigger by simply lengthening the preparation time and making it easy for people to co-create it with you.


  1. Take the Assistant Director‘s good idea, and add it to the social media savvy, unstoppable woman. Saute until the twitter account and first post on the free blog site are done.
  2. Ask people following on twitter and the blog what day suits them best and let things bubble up on the Eventbrite site to determine how many people you’ll need to book in to the test kitchen chosen restaurant on a suitable date.
  3. Gently mix people on the evening, enjoy curry and have good conversation about social care type things. Grate over some tweets, photos and a blog. (If you’re a fan of baking with booze, you can add a pint or two in a pub afterwards.)
  4. Swirl in opportunities for people to become local hosts, add suggestions about locations across the country (England), season with a social care curry in Scotland and one in Wales.
  5. Warm(ly respond) to any interest from politicians, such as the Minister of State for Care and Support.
  6. Keep everything sizzling using social media.
  7. Taste the mix on 5 September, and quarterly thereafter.

N.B. You know how Canadians (and Americans) call courgettes, zucchini? Well they don’t use the term ‘social care’, so they have adapted this recipe to ‘Connecting over Curry’.

Preparation time

Just a few weeks.

Eating time

Dependent on restaurant, and enthusiasm for an after dinner visit to a pub. [Warning: when testing this recipe I was out until 1am!]

Don’t miss out!

Register here to join us on 5 September in Birmingham, 5 confirmed attendees from Dudley organisations (other parts of the country are available)

Photo: Matt Bowsher, Assistant Director, Dudley MBC.
Photo credit: George Julian
This post was inspired by a Social Care Curry Club tweet (below) from George Julian

Bostin Beginnings

twitter bird logo with speech bubble saying '#tweet on the street @dudleyccg"

from Dudley CCG’s Facebook page

BostinCamp got off to a fantastic start on Wednesday. 29 people from all sorts of organisations with all sorts of roles and interests spent a couple of hours after work discussing and learning about social media use by a charity, by the NHS and by local government.

You can see the line-up from the launch event here, all the tweets and photos from the evening are all archived on Storify here.

In a nutshell, we talked about:

  • Cake (of course!)
  • The link between design (e.g. of promotional posters) and social media as a means of sharing them
  • The importance of saying thank you to people who support what you do
  • Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group‘s blend of listening to local people’s views on healthcare (Feet on the Street) and sharing them through video voxpops and twitter (#tweetonthestreet)
  • Whether GPs should tweet about health issues
  • Why we should trust frontline staff to use social media, and the fact that people trust frontline staff more than CEOs and government officials nowadays (Dan Slee shared a link to this fascinating article which draws on the Edelman Trust Barometer on the brilliant comms2point0 site.
  • Dudley Council being one of 3 local authorities in England involved in a research bid which will

     map and analyse the use of social media by the involved local authorities in order to learn about how this impacts or could impact on the engagement of citizens, including young people.

  • Curry (all good camps lead to a good curry)


There were quite a few useful links shared, and #bostincamp reached far beyond Dudley thanks to those tweeting from the event. All the links and discussions are in the Storify archive.

Thanks to the Secret Coffee Club for hosting BostinCamp, and Marc and Callum for serving us delicious drinks. And thanks to everyone who came along or joined in on twitter – you made the evening truly bostin!

BostinCamp: the launch!

photo of hot chocolate with #bostincamp written in chocolate sauce on the froth

photo credit: Joy Clarke (@joysuzannexo)

It’s here!

Hot on the heels of a successful Brewcamp excursion to Dudley we bring you BostinCamp – the launch event!

BostinCamp  mixes cake, tea, coffee, and ideas about social media, public services and voluntary organisations. It’s a chance to learn things, meet people, listen and contribute and make our corner of the world just a little bit of a better place. Anyone can come. It’s free to book, you can do that here.

Our first ever event starts at 5.30pm on Wed 7 August 2013 and runs until 7.00pm

You can grab a coffee from around 5pm and there’s free wifi. There is free parking at the venue. The things we’ll be hearing and talking about:

We’ve got three fantastic women lined up to share some quite different experiences (I did ask a bloke to contribute, but he’s having a lovely long holiday so you’ll have to wait for the next event for that fantastic story).

  • Joy Clarke will share with us what she has been doing to develop online communications for a local charity (@i4cs)
  • Laura Broster will discuss with us ways that she is developing social media use in the NHS for @DudleyCCG
  • Jo Orchard-Webb will share exciting news of a research proposal which Dudley MBC and Dudley CVS are involved in around social media, local government and citizen participation.

Fancy joining us? You can register here – it’s free to come along, drinks and cakes are yummy and reasonably priced. If the conversation is too good to stop we can go on for curry. Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues. We’re using #bostincamp on twitter.