What is like a party, a great leveller, a place to learn, and to find voluntary work?

When I was planning blog posts for January I thought some readers might find it helpful to know some ways in which using twitter can be useful. I had some ideas about what I could write about, but then it occurred to me to be #social, so I threw this question out on twitter:

‘What’s great about using twitter to communicate, learn, collaborate etc.?’

I was pleasantly surprised at the themes which emerged, as they were a little different to what I might have focused on.

Here are the responses (thank you all for thinking about the question and responding):

  • My fave thing is the networking. Like one big digital party. If I ask a twitter matey something usually someone else chips in. Kate Vogelsang (@Kate_bob), a ‘digital do-gooder for Lambeth Council’.
  • Learning fab things, broadening my horizons and thinking, and meeting new peeps. Emma Rodgers (@EmmaRodgers), Irish mum and Head of Communications for a local authority in the West Midlands, and one of the amazing and supportive people behind some of the Comms2point0 happenings (@comms2point0)
  • I love it builds and helps keep relationships alive. It helps me to stay and feel connected to others, to new people I would never have met. It’s a great leveller. I have much better understanding and communicate more with e.g. elected members here [on twitter]. Donna Roberts (@Donna_M_Roberts), ‘loving mom to 3 boys, dogs and chickens’, who I have the privilege of working with on exciting projects  in Dudley.
  • For me, communication; it’s where all my volunteer work stemmed from, being introduced to many new people also. Examples of Susan’s volunteer work found on twitter? Guide Dogs for the Blind, Healthwatch Dudley, the RSPCA. This year’s ventures are Halas Homes and The Labour Party. Susan Perks (@MissSNP73), an energetic and talented volunteer in Dudley, who always seems open to new experiences and learning.
  • Instant, open and no hierarchy of power to go through. Ability to connect and learn from wide range of interests… Serendipity of conversations and connections has been great. Engaged with some brilliant folk who’d never have met without it. Simon Hanson (@hanson_simon), a generous and thoughtful sharer on twitter based in County Durham, and doing ace things up in the North.
  • One reason: you’re communicating with real people and real experiences as opposed to, say, media misconceptions. Stephen Parry (@StephenParry 80), a ‘passionate people person, cares about the world’ (Simon has become a welcome firm fixture in my twitter conversations over the last year.)

As if to emphasise what people have said, of the 6 people whose responses are shared above I knew two of them (Donna and Emma) in person before I connected with them on twitter. I have had a number of conversations with Susan on twitter over the last few months and finally met her last month. I’ve never met Simon, Stephen or Kate (or if I have I’ve clean forgotten and I apologise!), and yet I read tweets by Simon and Stephen most days of the week, and frequently have a bit of chat with them on twitter. Simon send me links to blog posts and articles which he just knows I’ll be interested in, and Stephen makes me feel great about things I share on twitter, chatting away with me about comedy night, ethical shopping and more.

What do you think about the responses people shared?
What do you use twitter for?
What do you think is great about it?

Image credit: shared by kyu3 with creative commons licence here


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  1. Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre · January 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on Volunteering Counts and commented:
    Why not join the Twitter Party. We @Dudleyvols and @Eileenfielding2 think it’s fab and it’s really helped us communicate with new people all over the world. #Twitterrules

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